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About us

Jessica und Tobias von Graner.

Jessica Lichtenberger und Tobias Frenzel

Our Mission

Graner Motorhome Rentals aims to give you the freedom to explore the world at your own pace. We aim to provide unforgettable adventures while offering the highest standards of comfort and reliability.

Our Community

We look at our customers not just as renters, but as part of the Granerfamily. Together we share the joy of travel and the enthusiasm for new discoveries. Join our growing community of adventurers!

Our Philosophy is Quality

Graner Motorhome Rentals stands for the highest quality in every aspect. Our first-class motorhomes are not only comfortable and reliable, but also environmentally friendly thanks to the latest solar technology. With our dedicated customer service, we offer you a perfect rental experience.

Jessica Lichtenberger

Jessica Lichtenberger is a trained tourism agent and has been self-employed for over eight years with her own travel agency in Southern Germany. Her experience and know-how will be beneficial in every aspect of your vacation with us.

I look forward to reading from you:

+1 702 334 4835

Jessica Lichtenberger

Tobias Frenzel

Tobias Frenzel, who worked in his parents’ travel coach business for many years, grew up with the conversion and unique retrofitting of vehicles and has been a fan of this Country and Exploring it with motorhomes since his first visit to the Graners over 20 years ago.

I look forward to reading from you:

+1 702 509 0505

Tobias Frenzel

The history of the Graner Family

The story of Graner Motorhome Rentals began in 1997, when the Graners decided to emigrate from a small town in Southern Germany to the heart of California and open a somewhat different motorhome rental business in the San Francisco area.

Over the years, the Graners had become big fans of this country on their motorhome trips through the west and quickly realized that the motorhome is the ideal way of exploring this dream country. Paired with their many years of experience on rental companies in Germany, they also realized that there was still a lot of room for improvement when it came to renting out motorhomes through the big rental companies.

So the idea to move their motorhome rental business to their dream country was born and grew quickly. Their plan was to establish particular personal touch and unprecedented service to differentiate over the big competitors.

Customer satisfaction and personal service have always been the focus and make the Graner difference. In fact, the high number of “repeat customers” confirms that this concept indeed works.

After Gerry Graner successfully continued to manage the 2nd generation of the rental business until 2017, Jessica Lichtenberger and Tobias Frenzel took over the company in 2018. And with some fresh ideas also came the move to Las Vegas in the same year.

But how did this happen?

Tobias has known Gerry Graner since his kindergarten days. Despite the Graners’ emigration in 1997, the friendship has lasted to this day, Tobias and Gerry visit each other several times a year, Gerry was the best man at Tobias & Jessica’s wedding in Germany in 2015 and Tobias was best man at Gerry’s wedding in Napa Valley in 2016.

Jessica and Tobias were both just as enthusiastic about the country as the Graners were at the time due to their many motorhome trips in the southwest. What was initially discussed as an almost impossible idea slowly grewand everyone finally got together when it came to deciding who should take over a new branch in Las Vegas.

The rental business quickly took off and, thanks to a career opportunity for Gerry Graner, who was able to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a police officer, it quickly became clear that it should not remain just a branch. At the end of 2018, the rental business in San Francisco was discontinued and all focus was directed entirely to Las Vegas from then on.

Paired with some fresh air and a lot of experience from the travel industry, Jessica and Tobias’ aim was to further expand the range and customer-oriented service for their customers in the tourist stronghold of Las Vegas.

With the aim of quickly expanding the small fleet of 5 vehicles, the company took part in several tourism Conventions in Switzerland and Germany.

As the camping-boom was unstoppable which led to a rapid development, so Jessica and Tobias decided to take the rental business one step further and at the end of 2021 moved to the new location in the heart of Las Vegas, only about 10 minutes from the airport and even closer to the famous Las Vegas Strip.

The new vehicles arrived with the new location in 2022 and the fleet increased to 14 vehicles. 

Great encounters and satisfied customers, and not least the good recommendations, prompted Jessica and Tobias to think about new ways to travel the southwest in the same year and so the idea of including the Adventurers in the rental operation was born. Jeeps and travel trailers make it possible to explore new areas that had previously been inaccessible to motorhomes. They started the 2023 season with 2 travel trailers and the great demand led to the further expansion of this segment. 

In 2024, 15 motorhomes and 4 travel trailers are now available and everyone is looking forward to a great 28th season together with satisfied customers…